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Hayman Landscaping


Tim & Carissa Fairbrother, RIVAL WEALTH "Purpose building our office on the corner of Chapel & Michael street has been an exciting process. Having Tony on board early in the project was incredibly helpful. Especially as he really listened and took on board our ideas, kept our budget in mind and was extremely quick in coming back to us with design drawings. Tony’s passion for plants and projects was very apparent, no job was to hard an ask and we were both very impressed with the finishing touches. The little things like rounding of fence posts and corners really makes a difference, and we are constantly being told how great the place looks considering it’s a new build. We would certainly use Tony’s expertise again in the future and have no hesitations in recommending his services!" Connie Stewart, Manaia Road, Masterton Tony Hayman gave efficient, prompt service, was hard working, enthusiastic and communicated well. His workmanship was exceptional and he offered good advice and options, taking the stress out of Landscaping. I would highly recommend Hayman Landscaping